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When Storms Come

The internet can be an amazing tool many of us are blessed to have access to today. You’re reading this right now because of it. In our fallen world, it can and is used for wicked things as well but let’s focus on the good. We all need to do this a lot more than we usually do.


A dark and violent storm recently came upon us. It brought countless lightning strikes and thunder that could be felt in the floorboards. In the aftermath, we lost access to high-speed internet due to damage sustained by the modem. We were blessed again to still have internet access albeit at a much slower speed. We could do basic things slower, but whatever needed a stronger connection was unavailable until repairs could be done.


Ferocious storms come into our lives and can leave their mark. We may be forced to slow right down from the fast-paced parts of life, this can be a blessing. Yet, we never lose our connection to God. No damaged modem can ever stop that. He is there with us through the storm and beyond. Jesus, by His Spirit, is our connection to the Father and He never fails. The connection is strong and always available to us 24/7 storm or no storm. There are never any congestion issues over His network and never any power failure. Seek Him out today, speak to Him today, call upon Him! He’ll guide you safely through any storm as He leads you home.

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