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Hi, I'm the co-creator of Stop For A MomentThank you for stopping by today, I truly appreciate it. The world is going through tumultuous times. People are frustrated, fearful and angry. Imagine the power when we Stop For A Moment to reflect and realise that there is hope. It’s found in God and through His Son, Jesus.


The Objective in everything I'm doing here is SIMPLICITY.

  • Simple Living that slows down and engages in the journey

  • Simple Faith that truly believes and acts accordingly

  • Simple Joy that brings peace and hope both now and for the future

Regardless of where you are with God, we all need hope and another way forward. I dislike the word religion due to the negativity it usually brings to people’s minds, often rightly so. This is not about that, it’s about the relationships between you, me and God. What we believe, think and do matters. I believe every person is precious and made in the image of God. He has a plan for everyone and loves us all so dearly. It is true. If you need to learn that or need encouragement to keep walking in His truth, may you find something here to help and bless you. 

Perhaps I should address the elephant in the room, the name Stop For A Moment. One minute is 60 seconds. There will be many things here and in life that will take longer to digest. To Stop For A Moment is a decision we can make every day. Consider what silence of even five seconds in a heated conversation (or an argument) can do. It is powerful! Imagine living your life like that. Stop for an appropriate period of time for you and the situation. Why? So you have time to grow, learn, change and find another way to live. Life is short so Stop For A Moment (however long that may actually be) to be still and remember God is in control. Then we will journey into hope with God-given peace and purpose rarely found in our fast-paced world. 


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God bless you.


Look at a baby, the miracle of life, that was you once. As you grew, you became more awesome and amazing, believe it!

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