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The Disney Star Wars Sequels - My Thoughts

The plethora of reviews, opinions and dare I say controversies about Star Wars proves one thing. It is a beloved franchise.

The love people have for the stories set in a galaxy far, far away perhaps mirrors real-life relationships. We all know that relationships are both amazing and difficult, a rollercoaster of emotions, hopes, dreams and expectations that are not always met. In this article, I’ll share my take on the sequels, how I perceive them and my response to some common criticisms. It will be a brief overview as there will be separate articles for each film. As a disclaimer, I have no insider information (Hint: this is important for us all to consider).

Yes, I like ALL 11 current Star Wars films and the television shows I’ve seen. I agree the sequel trilogy has some issues but overall they’re stunningly beautiful to watch and lots of fun. I appreciate the work that went into them. Any form of art is open to criticism, that’s the way it is, but it should be done with humility and respect. This seems very lacking, particularly in the online space. It’s evident that no matter what decisions are made some people will simply hate it. That in itself is okay, there’s no obligation for anyone to love a piece of work such as a film. Since the love of Star Wars is so strong, disappointment can hurt so deciding to opt-out is a right every consumer holds. Permit me to share my insights about this trilogy.

One of the common complaints is the apparent lack of a plan for the three films. I get that, it does appear there were last-minute changes and adjustments along the way. Nevertheless, it is beyond my comprehension that there was no plan at the beginning. It may have significantly changed and veered off course but it had to be there. It makes zero sense to have nothing to work with for three films. Consider the pressure those involved would have been under? So many expectations from Disney and passionate fans. I understand Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 for four billion dollars, this suggests they saw a bright future for Star Wars. Furthermore, regardless of what any of us think, Disney owns Star Wars and therefore have the right to do as they will. That is the rule of ownership.

This was a big learning curve for Disney and all involved.

Although there are striking similarities to previous films, they do include brand new ideas and concepts. This was brave and to be applauded. Many people objected to this and of course, it appears that’s when adjustments were made. This shows me that Disney do care and did what they could to please the audience. I’m sure there were many professionals involved in the films bringing new voices into the mix. That’s a good thing. Some people dislike the similarities and many more hated the new ideas. My point is, this was a big learning curve for Disney and all involved. Some grace should be shown and an opportunity given to see what comes next. Excitement comes from the idea of more adventures in the galaxy far, far away. Like anything in life, sometimes we fail or misstep but we shouldn’t give up. We'd appreciate some encouragement. I think we should do that for the team working at Disney and allow them to try again and improve.

I think many people allow themselves to be disappointed because of unrealistic expectations and living in the past.

Others claim it’s all just a money grab. That may be true, but so what? It is an entertainment business after all so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Film making is an expensive and risky endeavour, you can’t blame Disney for playing it safe at times to bring in the finances. If you don’t like it, it’s okay not to watch. They are most unlikely to continue to produce content few people consume. No one is perfect and can’t hit the ball out of the park every time.

Because of all the stakeholders and shareholders, I suspect the films were made by a committee which must have been very difficult. It’s never easy to get a group of people to agree on everything. I don’t know the inside structures and management systems at work but suspect they're substantial and complex. It’s not right to be so harsh on any of the public figures associated with the films such as the Director. We don’t know how little input he had. The Director is rarely free to do his or her own will, particularly within a large organisation.

Finally, again using the relationship analogy, I think many people allow themselves to be disappointed because of unrealistic expectations and living in the past. Let me explain. People went into these films with such high expectations and for many, these were not met. I’m not saying we should lower the bar as such but allow them to be what they are. Permit the new ideas and voices to share their story absent of what we think it should be. I’m certain that a great deal of time and effort did go into them. For those who grew up with the previous sequels, feelings of awe and wonder would surely have been present. Star Wars is amazing! I suspect many people understandably want to relive that magic. This could be like the first time a future couple meet, it’s special. But, there’s never going to be another first time to meet, that was a one-off experience. So it is with Star Wars if you’ve met before, ideally, you grow together over time and get to know each other. Live in hope for the future in your relationships with people and with Star Wars too. Expect the unexpected and the new. It’s going to be an exciting journey.

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