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End the Day Smiling

Picture this, it’s the end of the day and you place your head on the pillow with a smile on your face. Maybe that’s easy to do if you had a good day, whatever that may look like for you. What if the day was nothing short of a mess, filled with problems, disappointments, failures and setbacks? Could you be smiling then? It’s a nice idea and I believe it is possible although I’m yet to regularly achieve this myself. So many things are out of our control but there is something we can always do that will make a difference every single day. Talk to God and practise hearing Him speak back.

Knowing the Lord is always there to provide comfort, wisdom and help no matter what’s going on will enable that daily smile at the end of the day.

Feeling a little better now? I do hope so, seek Him and give the Lord a chance to work in your life. Perspective helps, His perspective.

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