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A New Way Forward When It Goes Wrong

Can you see the issue in this picture?

You probably noticed the rather sad state of the rear wheel. Yes, the plastic wheel split open spilling the ball bearings inside. I lack the tools and skills to remove the remaining plastic backing or fix the issue. What you may not have noticed is the front wheel is also in need of attention. The metal axle the wheel is attached to has snapped. The front wheel is held in place by me forcing it back through the hole with a hammer. Some things need a firm hand, don’t they? It mostly holds but definitely has a wobble.

Now I can assure you it is not easy to mow a lawn with a 2.5 wheel mower, in fact, it’s very hard work. Nevertheless, I did manage it a few times since I had no choice. As you may suspect the grass was not cut evenly and I had to fight hard to keep the mower moving. After some time struggling a thought occurred to me. This is one of the ways I believe God speaks to us. The idea was to carefully pull the mower across the lawn instead of pushing it against the very resistant earth. Yes, this helped significantly but it is not a long term solution. The mower either needs repair or replacing.

Takeaways I learned from this experience

  • Sometimes the wheels will fall off in life without warning. This can range from having a bad day to personal tragedy.

    • This will make it very hard to move forward.

  • You may not be able to fix the problem or process it well, at least not alone.

  • The end result could mean a permanent change is forced upon you.

  • You may have to approach the difficulty with new ideas.

    • You may need to stop for a moment and take a few careful steps back for a time. This could be uncomfortable, hard and frustrating but can get you through.

Wherever possible, seek assistance from one who can help. Seek God first, He knows and can help repair or replace as needed, if you permit him. Seek others who can offer support too, no matter how big or small your challenge. We journey together in this world.

Change is usually uncomfortable but always inevitable.

We can’t ever be fully prepared for what lies ahead, particularly when we don’t know what it looks like. We can help ourselves a little by getting used to change when and where we can.


Recently I was wiping the underneath of the dish drying rack and draining off the excess water from the tray underneath. Yes I know, that’s a wonderfully exciting story. Anyway, when I put it back I accidentally placed it the wrong way around. This matters a great deal because the dish drainer has compartments for the plates and cutlery. By placing it the wrong way around, these were all in the wrong spot. I went to correct this but then stopped for a moment! Why not leave it turned around for now? Why not get used to change? This was a simple example for sure but what little things could you allow to be different in your life right now?

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