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Active Projects

Stop For A Moment ebook Volume 1

My first ever ebook is due during the second half of 2022. An introduction to Stop For A Moment, a simple but ambitious idea calling us all to stop and ask ourselves a few important life-changing questions. Be encouraged with another way to view your awesome life, one filled with hope. It will be FREE to subscribers and I would welcome all feedback. Troy

Short Stories

This is the place I like to let the creative mind free. You'll find all types of Short Stories (usually under 2000 words). The plan is to release one on a regular basis. Find them in the blog. Troy

Youtube Launch

Short videos and short films are in the planning stages. Launching in the second half of 2022. Join the Journey (button below) to subscribe so you'll know when.

Faith & Life Articles

This is where I will share some of the things I've learned, noticed or am discovering in life. The articles will focus more on one particular topic or question of interest. They'll be released periodically and you can find them in the blog. Troy

Planning of Novella Series

More details will be shared as time goes on. This is a planned series of novellas (small novels) following characters on a journey. That's all I can reveal for now. A great opportunity to practise writing longer-form stories. Your feedback would be most appreciated. Stay tuned. Troy