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Don't Get Caught in the Web

During a recent walk in the park, I took a moment to take in my surroundings (that’s a good thing to do). I noticed a BIG cobweb connected to a tree branch that went all the way to the ground. It was beautiful, impressive and a bit scary. My dog and I sometimes go right up to that tree, I might have walked into that sticky trap. On this day, however, I had the benefit of perspective and sunlight.

Have you noticed how the sun often glistens on cobwebs, like a highlight? God does this for us too. When we spend time with Him, His light can show us a bigger picture and highlight traps we can avoid. Remember, nothing escapes His light, nothing can hide in the darkness.

The cobwebs could represent something going on in our world or life to watch out for. If God is highlighting something for us to avoid, let’s try and do so. This could be a situation or maybe a temptation to sin. Who wants to get sticky web all over them? It’s so hard to get off and even when it’s gone we can still feel it. Then we have to wonder where the spider is. That’s not fun. So when we see a web, let’s avoid it or tear it down to make our way. It’s a better outcome, for us anyway.

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