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About Troy & SFAM

Hi, Troy here from Australia, welcome to Stop For A Moment (SFAM). With a love of film, television and stories, I dream of writing books (fiction and non-fiction) and making videos that might change the heart. Stop For A Moment will be a place where I can learn, practise and share messages of hope as I've come to know them. To see what's really important, we all need to slow down. This is particularly relevant when we face difficulties in life. You're invited to join me as I share some of my journey from an anxious, painfully shy teenager who thought God was up in the sky to where I am now convinced of His love (through articles, stories and videos). I'm a believer and follower of Jesus. I share this not to try and convert you, we all get to choose and I implore you to search Him out yourself but to be open about why I'm doing this.

The truth is what we believe impacts our whole life. I don't claim any expertise and unfortunately don't have all the answers. My hope is what I share will be of value to you, that it may help you see things differently. It is your choice to accept or reject anything I may say or write, I respect that. My style is quite casual because that's who I am, I prefer simplicity when that's possible (Note: this does not mean I’m very good at it right now). I desire to reach people who may think they are unreachable, there is hope dear friend. It's not about Bible-bashing, for lack of a better word, or judging people, I'm about sharing my hope with those who would like to receive it. I have undertaken some studies and was an Assistant Pastor in a small church for a few years. Now, I'm embarking on this new chapter of life (sorry, no pun intended with the writer talk).

Briefly, my background has predominantly been in administration work. My story includes things most people experience; difficulties and struggles with relationships, a failed business, loss and mental illness. I hope you may be helped and encouraged by what will be shared from all these experiences. I'm on the life-long journey of learning as you go and decided to step out in faith with this website. We all need to listen to each other, communicate more clearly and Stop For A Moment before we act or respond. These are core values I certainly need to learn and apply to life. Thank you for taking the time today.

It’s about real day to day life and God’s plan for all of us.

The Vision Stop For A Moment exists to show there is another way to live life. Another way to think, believe and act that will change your world forever. God is real. Jesus lives. You are loved. There is purpose and there is hope.

The Mission An invitation to stop and embark on the very personal life-changing journey with Jesus. One that releases the past, empowers the present and hopes in the future. A counter-cultural approach to renewing minds and healing hearts by the power of His truth presented through media, articles and stories.

Welcome Aboard

You’re invited to hop aboard a train with me, not a super-fast modern train but a slow steam train. It will be a long journey with many stops along the way. We’ll travel on incomplete tracks and may even go off-track at times (this is a special type of train that can do that). We’ll find little out of the way places to Stop For A Moment and picnic. We’ll discover wonderful things, see untapped beauty and learn so much. If the train runs out of steam, we’ll stop right where we are and rest. There’s no rush on this journey, its purpose is to train us in truth (see what I did there). I hope you’ll join me as all journeys are more fun when shared with others. Let's go together!


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. I send an email out periodically to say hello, share what I'm up to, encourage you and list newly published content. If you'd like your name on the list, click here.


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