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About Short Stories

Engaging in the writing of short stories is a great way to practise the craft of writing. Like most things in life, the more we do them, the more confident and better we become.

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Many short stories are inspired from a prompt provided by If you're interested in participating or would like to read other short stories, you can find the Reedsy Weekly Writing Prompts by clicking here.

The stories are between 1000-3000 words and cover a variety of genres and styles. I'm just starting out so I have plenty to learn. Your feedback is most welcome and appreciated if you're comfortable doing so. You can log in to leave comments below a post. If you prefer to message privately use the online chat (click the circle on the bottom right of your screen - website) or go to the Contact page and complete the online form. You can also message via the app.

Thank you for your time. If you'd like to jump into the stories you can click the category listed below or use the menu at the top.

Have an awesome day!


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