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About Faith & Life

Life is a big topic so this category will be broad in scope. Essentially, it's where I'll share my thoughts, observations, beliefs, story and hopes. A peek into my view of life that I hope will help you in your precious life.

Image by Troy Lane

Each post will focus on just one main point typically related to what I'm discovering right now. Furthermore, I will also share notes from the Sermons I prepared and delivered if you're interested.

I'm learning so if you have any feedback, it would be most welcome and appreciated. You can log in to leave comments below a post. If you prefer to message privately use the online chat (click the circle on the bottom right of your screen) or go to the Contact page and complete the online form. You can also message via the app.

TIP: If there's a particular subject of interest to you, feel free to visit the Tag List from the menu under the BLOG option. This will take you to a new page listing all current tags. Just click the one you want and all posts with that tag will display for you.

The Picture: I'm not a professional photographer by any means but took the above photo during a heavy rainstorm. It actually wasn't dark but I used the flash and this was the result. I thought it captured the idea of this category quite well. Life is about growth - the plant is growing. The plant needs the rain, that it receives freely, to live and prosper. There are many things we need and are reliant on too. Finally, it depicts both light and dark. We all experience both of these in life.

I also enjoy film and television, as many people do, but don't hold any professional credentials or skills in analysis of the art form. Instead, I reflect on what I see, feel and think from the viewing experience. The articles I write are a personal reflection on what spoke to me, rather than critiquing the performances or technical aspects of the film. I may also write about these things in the Stop For A Moment Newsletter.

I will share my personal opinions and give my star rating but that's subjective of course. You may not like what I do and vice versa and that's okay. There have been many poorly rated films and television shows over the years that I love. My goal with these posts is to give you another person's point of view which can be refreshing.

I'll share what spoke to me personally about the story, the message and overall presentation.

There are very few films and television shows I've watched and hated. I enjoy some more than others but appreciate the work and effort the creators put into their projects. This means, I look for the gems in the work. I like to go on the journey being presented before me.

Thank you for your time. If you'd like to jump into the articles you can click the category listed below or use the menu at the top.

Have a fantastic day!


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